English  Easy Winner

 English notes for the +1 and +2 students of  J.J.M.M.H.S.S. Yendayar

+ 1 Lessons


+ 2 Lessons



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Summery of the Lesson and Questions

At present the +1 and +2 English textbooks are divided into blocks based on themes that contribute to their integrity so start your study right from the theme. That enhances your awareness and leads to a better comprehension and reproduction of the content.

Study the notes answer the questions that together makes a complete study. Don't go and read the lesson over and over again , you gain nothing  instead follow the steps

 Steps in the Preparation for the Examination 

  1. Read the note  oncestudent

  2. Read the lesson from the text book once

  3. Read the notes many times till you get the idea

  4. Write down the important points

  5. Read the sample questions and make some questions yourself

  6. Try to answer a few