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 English notes for the +1 and +2 students of  J.J.M.M.H.S.S. Yendayar

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As I Grew Older

A long time ago I had a dream. It was bright like a sun.! I have almost forgotten about it. But it was definitely there.

Between me and my dream a wall slowly arose. My dream was becoming dimmer and dimmer. The wall grew so high that it touched the sky hiding my dream completely away from me. I was now in shadow.          

I am a Black American. 1 He down in the shadow. I can not see my dream again. I can see only the thick wall. I want my strong hands to break through the wall so that I can find my dream again. The poet wants his hands to help him to shatter, smash and break the wall and its shadow so that he can once again see the many lights and dreams of the sun.