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Beauty Is Truth

The lesson is an extract from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Detective Story 'A Study in Scarlet'. Sherlock Holmes, the famous Detective and his Assistant Dr. Watson are talking about a person who is looking at the numbers of the houses. Dr. Watson is the narrator.

Pointing to a strong looking person, Dr. Watson wonders what that fellow is looking for. The person is plainly dressed. He is walking slowly down- the other side of the street. He is looking anxiously at the num­bers. He has a large blue envelope in his hand. It looks as if he is trying to deliver a message. Sherlock Holmes asks Watson if he is referring to the retired sergeant of Marines. Dr. Watson thought that Sherlock Holmes was trying to show off his superior knowledge about the person as Watson has no way of verifying whether the person is a retired sergeant of the


As Watson thinks like that, the man sees the number of their (Watson and Holmes) door and crosses the road. Then they hear a knock and a deep voice below. Soon they hear steps coming up. The person hands over the letter to Holmes.

Watson thinks this is a good chance for him to bring Holmes out of his pride of superior knowledge. Holmes must not have thought that the person would come up and Watson would have a chance to question him and that is why he said the person is a retired sergeant of the Ma­rines. Watson wants to show that Holmes is wrong about his guess. So he asks the man in a plain voice what his trade was.

He says he is a commissionaire. He is pot in uniform because he has given it for repairs. Watson then asks him what his rank was. He looks at Holmes mischievously to mean that he is going to be proved wrong in his assumptions. The man replies that he was a sergeant, Royal Marine Light Infantry. He clicked his heels together, raised his hand in salute and went away.

Watson was greatly surprised because once again it proved that his companion, Sherlock Holmes, was right in his theories. His respect for the power of Holmes increased because of this incident. Watson now thinks that this could be a prearranged episode just to impress him. But he did not find any reason for Holmes to play such a pre-arranged drama. When Watson looked at Holmes, he had finished reading the notes given to him. From his eyes one could guess he was thinking deeply.

Watson asks Holmes how he concluded that the person was a retired sergeant of the Marines. Holmes said he had no time for small unimpor­tant things. He was angry with Watson for breaking his chain of thoughts. Watson was not able to see that the man was a retired sergeant of the Marines before he asked and verified it from him. Sherlock Holmes says it is often difficult to explain things. You know two and two make four. But if you are asked to prove it you may find it hard.

Holmes concluded that the person was a retired sergeant of the ma­rines from the following facts. Even when the person was across the street, Holmes saw a big blue anchor tattooed on the back of the fellow's hand. This showed his connection with the sea. He walked in military style. He had regulation side whiskers. He was a man of self importance and certain air of command. He held his head and swung his cane in a special way.