English  Easy Winner

 English notes for the +1 and +2 students of  J.J.M.M.H.S.S. Yendayar

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Lifting the Veil

  1. The blind Belgian tourist and the narrator were waiting to see the
    dance programme. They heard an announcement of the dance show to be
    performed by six Thai girls. Prepare the script of the announcement in about
    40 words.
    You may begin like this,
    ‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen………………………….’
    The Chairman in ‘Lifting the Veil, is so pleased with the performance of

  2. the Clerk that he appreciates him on the Annual Day of the Company.
    The Clerk, in his thanks giving speech, referes to his experience with the
    blind Belgian Tourist. Now, prepare the speech for him.

  3. In ‘Lifting the Veil’ we see that the narrator had a memorable experience with the blind man. Imagine that you are the narrator.
    Now, write
    Imagine you met a blindman on your way to school. You remembered
    the story of ‘Lifting the Veil’. You decided to hold a discussion with him
    about his experience as a blind man. The first hand account of his experience
    as a blind man touched your heart. That day you write the diary reflecting on
    the feelings of blind people. What would you write.



  1. E.V. Lucas could not even shoot a small rabbit because other animals
    helped them. That day the rabbits decided to display warning post-
    ers in different parts of the jungle. Prepare three such posters for them.
    Eg: ‘Beware of Hunters’

  2. The rabbit told E.V.Lucas that there was a kind of Trade Union among
    animals. Imagine that the Irish cow of the author speaks in a meet-
    ing organized by the animals. Prepare the speech to be delivered on the occasion.

  3. You met a rabbit running away from the forest. You had an interview
    with the rabbit in which it reveals to you, the threat of extinction the ani-
    mals face in the forest- life.
    Write five exchanges.
    Begin like this:
    You : Hai Rabbit! Where are you from? You run as if you are in trouble.
    Rabbit: (Shocked on seeing)
    Oh, God! Here is another man. Sir, Please let me go.

  4. You have read the essay ‘ The Reason’ by E.V.Lucas. Now, prepare a
    review of the essay highlighting the elements of short story in it. The
    review should be in about 120 words.


Lake Isle of Innisfree

  1. You had read the poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’. The poet
    W.B.Yeats takes you away into a magical land of imagination.
    From there you write a letter to your friend describing the magical
    beauty of ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.
    What would you write?

  2. Fascinated by the beautiful forms of nature W.B. Yeats finally decides
    to go to the Lake Isle of Innisfree. That evening he reveals his idea to one
    of his friends. Prepare their conversation. (8 exchanges).

  3. Read the following lines from a nature poem by William Wordsworth:
    ‘Five years have past; five
    Summers, with the length
    Of five long winters! And again I hear
    These waters, rolling from Their mountain springs With a soft inland murmur,
    Once again………’
    The same urge to return to nature is found in ‘The Lake Isle of Innis-
    free’ by W.B.Yeats, where the poet repeatedly says: ‘I will arise and go now.
    Suppose you feel bored and disappointed. Where do you wish to go? Write
    about your dreamland in about 100 words.


Beautiful Mandakini

  1. “There is no cinema or public place of entertainment at Guptkashi and the
    town goes to sleep early”. This statement of Ruskin Bond sounds strange
    in the light of the modern busy life. Imagine that you are the correspondent of
    a newspaper. Prepare a news report in 100 words about the life styles and
    social back ground of that village comparing it with the modern life style.

  2. “I will return to this river. It has captured my mind and heart”,
    says Ruskin Bond in his ‘Beautiful Mandakini’. You should have trav-
    elled to distant places in the past. Has any such place captured your mind?
    Describe that place of attraction in about 80 words.
    Hints: historical relevance, geographical attraction, cultural or religious im-
    portance etc


Autobiography of Mark Twain

  1. ‘Should Autobiographies give endless freedom to writers?’ Prepare a
    paragraph expressing your opinion on the topic in not more than 80 words.

  2. Bernard Shaw said “All autobiographies are lies”. Do you agree with
    Shaw’s statement? Write three sentences either agreeing or disagreeing
    with the statement. Use expressions like,
    I agree/ disagree because, I think



  1. A.C.Ward’s review on the novel ‘Old Wives Tale’ by Arnold Ben-
    nett gives us a complete and impressive picture of the novel’. Do you
    agree? If not, what are the aspects to be included in the Review? Prepare a
    write up on the Review in about 100 words.

Albert Switsher

  1. Imagine that Albert Scheweitzer writes a letter to his friend discussing on
    how he examines the illiterate patients in Lambarene.
    Draft a letter for Scheweitzer in about 80 words.


  1. The career and guidance club of a school has decided to organize a seminar
    on ‘Road to Success’. You are asked to deliver the inaugural speech.
    Prepare the script of the speech in about 120 words.



  1. Imagine you are Mohan Lal. The day after the unpleasant happenings
    in the train, you made a diary entry. What would you write?
    Make the diary entry

  2. Imagine you are one of the English officers traveling in the cantonment
    along with Sir Mohan Lal. Write the conversation you had with him.
    (5 exchanges) Begin like this
    English officer : Hai, It’s a fine day. Could you please………………………

As I Grew Older

  1. The poem ‘As I Grew Older’ says that it is a painful process for a black man to grow up in America.  If you ever come across such situations where a foreigner is humiliated in your own country, how will you react?  Write it down in a paragraph of about 100 words.

Suseela’s story ,Vandanasia

  1. Why send you to school, you will only end up married and working in the kitchen.   He was right, wasn’t he?   This is where she was today – in the kitchen. This is how Susheela’s story ends.   Write an article in your School Magazine suggesting remedies for the problems that women face in not more than 100 words.

  2. "She   gave   us  a   certain   confidence   that  is   denied   to   women   in contemporary  life”,  Vandana  Shiva  speaks  about  her  mother  who  played  a very inspiring role in making her a social activist.  Express your opinion on the condition of women in the modern world.

Case for Defence

  1. "He was a heavy stout man with bulging blood shot eyes”.  This is how the narrator describes the accused of the Peckham Murder in ‘The Case for the Defence”.

    Imagine that a thief broke into your neighboring  house and stole away money  and  jewels.           While  he  was  running,  you  saw  him  in  the  moonlight.

    How will you describe his appearance to the Inspector of Police?   Write it in one or two sentences.

  2. Read  the  following  extract  that  constitutes  the  last  part  of  the  story  ‘ The Case for the Defence’."Then it happened.  I don’t know how, though I was only six feet away. The crowd moved and some how one of the twins got pushed on to the road right in front of a bus.He gave a squeal like a rabbit and that was all; he was dead, his skull smashed just as Mrs. Parker’s had been.  Divine vengeance?  I wish I knew".

    Now imagine that you are the reporter of ‘The Hindu’. Prepare a report of this event that occurred outside the court.

Never Never Nest


  1. The  Social  Science  club  of  your  School  is  conducting  a  seminar  on ‘The influence of  Consumerism  on Modern Life’.   As a member of  the club, you are to felicitate the function .  Prepare a short speech in about 75 words. Hints:  Consumerism    an  inevitable  part  of  modern  economy    has  many merits    demerits  too    causes  domestic  and  social  problems    makes modern man extravagant….

  2. Read the following summary of a popular story.

    im and Della were a newly married couple.  Jim was a poor clerk and

    Della a humble house wife.  In spite of poverty, they were leading a happy life. Days passed and their first Christmas came.   On Christmas eve, Jim was anxious of buying a worthy gift for Della.  Finally he had to sell his golden watch,  the  only  possession  he  had  inherited  from  his  forefathers.   With  the money, he bought a beautiful comb for Della.im reached home and presented the gift to Della.  But alas! Della had sold  her  beautiful  lock  of  hair  in  order  to  buy  an  attractive  strap  for  Jim’s watch.  Both the partners stood motionless, looking at each other.

    Now, write a paragraph comparing the pair Jim and Della with Jack and Jill  in the play ‘The  Never – Never Nest’.

  3. Your class  is organizing a debate on the topic Man is not a prisoner of his fate, but of his own mind. A debator, arguing the favour of the topic presented the following points:

As a debator of the opposing group , what will be your arguments?   List FOUR points.

  1. You  are  doing  a  home  assignment  based  on  the  play  ‘The  Never  – Never  Nest’  that  satirizes  hire  purchase  system.         At  that  time  your  friend Ramesh  calls  on  you.    As  he  wants  to  buy  a  motorcycle  on  hire  purchase scheme, he seeks your advice.

Give  him  FOUR  pieces  of  advice,  using  the  expressions  like  ‘You should’, ‘You shouldn’t’, ‘You ought to’, ‘Why don’t you’ etc.


True Love

  1. Imagine  that  Milton  Davidson  of  the  story  ‘True  Love’  returns  home after ten years imprisonment.  What would he see there?  Prepare a write up  in about 100 words explaining the situation.

  2. Mr. Milton Davidson selected Miss. Charity Jones to be his life partner

    in the story ‘True Love’.   He rang her inviting her to attend a dinner specially arranged for her on the Valentine’s Day.   Prepare a telephone conversation between Mr.Milton and Miss.Jones. (8 exchanges)

    You may begin like this.

    Mr.Milton : Hello, Milton here, I am deeply Impressed with your C.V.

    Miss.Jones : Oh really!.............................

  3. Read  the  following         lines  from  the  poem  ‘Sunday  At  Hampstead’  by James Thomson.

    As  we  rush,  as  we  rush  in  the  train, 

    The  trees  and  the  houses  come wheeling  back,  but  the  starry  heavens  about  the  plain  come  flying  on  our track.

    All the beautiful stars of the sky, the silver dones of the forest of night, over the dull earth, swarm and fly, companions of our flight.

    We will rush ever on without fear, let the goal be far, the flight be fleet!

    For we carry the Heavens with us,  Dear, while the earth slips from our feet!

    Now prepare a write up comparing the above lines with the poem ‘The

    Express’ in about 150 words.

    Hints:  Theme, style, image, rhyming words etc.

    Use expressions like, unlike, while , whereas,………….



Pride and Prejudice 

  1. Prepare short introductory speech based on a given situation. The Literary Club of  your School has decided to dramatise the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  Before the presentation, you are asked to introduce the play  to  the  audience.      Prepare  an  introductory  speech  in  not  more  than  50 words. Hints:  Theme of the play- its relevance, location of the play; actors and their roles etc.

  2. ‘Love’  is  one   of   the  dominated   themes  of   the  novel  ‘Pride   and Prejudice’.

    Your class has arranged a debate on the topic ‘Love marriage is better than  arranged  marriage’.     As  the  moderator  of  the  debate,  how  will  you introduce the topic?  Write the introductory speech in 80 words.