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 English notes for the +1 and +2 students of  J.J.M.M.H.S.S. Yendayar

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The Reason

 He walked without making any noise, even hold­ing his breath. But he did not see any rabbit. This area was supposed to be full of them. It was their feeding time. Nobody could be more silent. He did not step on any dry branch which would break and make a sound. He did not sneeze or topple over. The wind was blowing the other way. But no rabbit.

  That night he had a Welsh Rabbit (melted cheese on bread) for supper. At the foot of his bed there was, the narrator imagines, an English rabbit. The English rabbit is making fun of the narrator by asking him whether he could shoot any rabbit. The narrator says he could not even aim a shot. The rabbit wishes him best of luck next time. It says that rabbits have too many problems. God gave them a tail which will be seen at any time like a light and so it is easy to find them and shoot them. The tail is their greatest handicap. It is true that they can run fast but they have no chance against the double barreled gun and the good aim of a shooter. A fish can sometimes come out of the hook, but a rabbit can't escape the bullet.

 The narrator wanted to say that people killed rabbits because they ate their flesh. But he did not say it. He asked the rabbit why he was so unlucky that afternoon. Why were all the rabbits staying home? Did they hear any noise he made? Or, did they all go to see matinee?

  The rabbit says the narrator came at a wrong time. Did he notice the swallows? Those swallows told the rabbits about the person coming there with a gun. The narrator says it was bad of the swallows to do that. They were spoiling his fun. The rabbit says they call it standing by the friends. There are two ways to look at things - it was bad for him but good for the rabbits. Then there was the blackbird who also screamed that a fellow with a gun was coming. Then there were the flies, who flew ahead to warn them about the man with the gun. The flies said they were troubling him but it is better for the rabbits to hide.

 The narrator wants to know why they - the swallows, the blackbird and the flies - were so fond of the rabbits. The rabbit says that it was not their love or devotion to the rabbits that made them help the rabbits. But it was just because of their dislike for men. It is a kind of trade union. It may be called freemasonry - understanding and . sympathy between people with similar interests. Even the Irish cow which people love and they think it loves them was on the side of the rabbits. The cow was even worse because it said a man is coming with a gun, he is not a good shot and he has no sense; but it is better to be careful. The narrator calls the cow a traitor. He hopes the dogs have not let him down. The rabbit says they are not on talking terms with the dogs al-

though they also have four feet. But there is difference even between 'four feet' and 'four feet' and there are good and bad in them, too.