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The Five Towns of Arnold Bennett's works are the Staffordshare  towns. In this small area the characters of various novels  old wives Tale" and "The Clayhanger Family" spend most of the Readers become familiar with the main streets, buildings, landmarks

people who lived there. Bennet makes his novels lifelike by giving care. fully chosen detail. Of course there are ugliness and roughness in plan. Ugliness is part of life and without it life will not be complete.

Old Wives Tale is a story of two sisters - Constance and Sophia Baines When they were young they had hope and vigour and the fire of youth They both die old before the end of the book. The book combines humour and tragedy, pathos and indignity, beauty and ugliness. Bennet has drawn his characters with great care. Even the small incidents are as interesting as the big ones.

Sophia and Constance did not realize that they were living in a district pulsating with interest. They were not aware of their own sensations Constance sometimes found wonder in her domestic affair. But Sophia did not feel that she was living through strange and terrible days ever during the terrible days of 1870, the Siege of Paris. But what they look as commonplace, Arnold Bennett regarded as full of lively romantic pos sibilities. Some people might think that 'The Old Wives Tale' is dull a prosy. To such people Bennett might have said, "On the contrary this life; and life is always marvelous."