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The Road Not Taken

The poet is travelling through the forest. Suddenly the road divides itself and turns into two different directions. Naturally he can't take both the roads. He stood there long and looked down at one road as far as he could see because further down it curved and he could not see beyond. Then he looked at the other road. He felt the second road had a better claim on him because it was grassy and it was not used much by people. Both roads were covered by leaves that morning and nobody had walked over those leaves making them black.

The poet decides to take the second road, leaving first one for another day. But he knows that a return may not be possible because way leads to way. He will be telling about the decision he took long after from now. He will be saying that the road divided itself in a forest and he dared to take the road that was less travelled. And made the difference in his life. His adventurous spirit was well-rewarded