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 English notes for the +1 and +2 students of  J.J.M.M.H.S.S. Yendayar

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English Question Bank +2

1. Q.T.

You saw in the newspaper the photographs of hanging Saddam Hussain to death. You feel strongly about the media publishing such picturesto attract the readers. You immediately decide to write a letter about it to the editor of the newspaper. Write the letter in not more than 80 words.

2. Q.T.

Imagine you are Rose Donegan's friend. On knowing the decision of the Carrolls to adopt little Michael, Rose is upset. She writes you a letter asking your suggestions and advice. What would be your reply? Write the letter in not more than 80 words.

3. Q.T.

A day after the headlong retreat of Mr. Nuttel, Vera feels sad. She decidesto ring him up andapologize. What would be the telephone conversation? Write it down (8 exchanges)

4. Q.T.

Imagine you are the First Lady in "The King who Limped". After the dramatic happenings in the court on the arrival of the new king, you narrate the event to your friend, explaining the dispute regarding the ownership of the dog and the decision taken by the king. Narrate the incident for the First Lady.

5. Q.T.

Rose decides to go to the Carrolls along with Michael, as per the suggestion of A.J. Cronin and Father Walsh. At the railway Station, just before the departure, she talks about her father and brothers to A.J. Cronin.What would she say? Write three sentences.

(Hints : Concern for young brothers – anxiety over father's irresponsibility)

6. Q.T.

A grand function is organised in the palace to celebrate the arrival of the new king. At the function, the Prime Minister welcomes the king with a formal speech, on behalf of the officials of the palace. Prepare the speech for him.

7. Q.T.

The Patriot was overwhelmed by the welcome given by the people on his entry into the town. He addresses the crowd expressing his hopes and plans for the future. Write the speech in not more than 100 words.

8. Q.T.

Vera's cooked up story and the events that took place at Mrs. Sappleton's house gave a nervous break down to Mr. Nuttel. His doctor imagines the events that could have given Nuttel such a shock. Write the predictions made by the doctor in two sentences, using the expressions like "I think ......., I guess .....' etc.

9. Q.T.

After learning from Vera the real reason for Mr. Framton Nuttel's headlong retreat, Mrs. Sappleton asks her to apologize to him. Write three sentences that Mrs. Sappleton could have told Vera. Use the expressions like'You should ............', 'You'd better...........', 'If I were you ........' 'Why don't you

..........?', etc.

10. Q.T.

On the eve of the execution, the Patriot makes a diary entry remembering his glorious entry into the town and how things had turned worst for him. He also reinforces his belief in God and ends up his entry, leaving a message for the people. Write the diary entry for him in about 60 words.

11. Q.T.

Your class is going to publish a manuscript magazine

(a) You are asked to prepare a write-up on the topic 'Attitude of teenagers towards senior citizens'. Taking ideas from the play 'The Dear Departed', together with your own ideas, prepare the write-up.

(b) A magazine release function is arranged and you are asked to prepare a pogramme notice for the same. Prepare the notice.

12. Q.T.

After learning the story of Vera's fooling Mr. Framton Nuttel, Mrs. Sappleton advised her to apologize. Write three pieces of advice that Mr.Sappleton gave Vera

13. Q.T.

The English Club of your school is staging the one act play "The King who Limped". You are asked to introduce the opening scene to the viewers. Prepare the script for compering in not more than 60 words.

14. Q.T.

Imagine you are selected as one of the members in a talk show to chat

with the famous film director Lenin Rejendran. What will you ask him? Write the possible responses too. (Four questions and their responses)

(Hints : becoming a film maker – memorable moments / turning points in career – contribution – future plans)

15. Q.T.

After deciding to marry Mrs. John Shorrocks, Mr. Abel Merryweather

sends a letter to one of his friends telling him about taking such a decision and his hopes and plans for future. He also invites him to the wedding. Write the letter for Abel.

16. Q.T.

Imagine you are asked to make a documentary film on the great film maker Charlie Chaplin What practical difficulty, do you think, you would face? Taking ideas from 'The Making of the Kid' along with your own ideas prepare a brief write-up. Also suggest ways on how you would tackle these problems.

17. Q.T.

Based on a survey you have conducted on the fashion trends among the youngsters, you decide to write an editorial for your school magazine on 'Changing Fashions and Influence of Visual Media'. Write the editorial in 120 words.

18. Q.T.

Your school has decided to publish a book titled 'The Great Daughters of India'. You are asked to contribute an article on Kalpana Chawla Prepare it

in not more than 150 words.

(Hints : Childhood experiences – life as a student – achievements – qualities etc.)

19. Q.T.

Nowadays, waste materials from houses and hotels are thrown carelessly on the busy roads of the city. If the situation continues, soon the city will become a garbage pail. Write a letter in not more than 80 words to the editor of a leading English newspaper highlighting the seriousness of the


(Hints : environmental problems – suggestions for solution, need for creating awareness in the public – role of social organisations, etc.)

20. Q.T.

On reaching London, Framton Nuttel met his doctor.Nuttel arrated the incident at Vera's house in detail.In the end the doctor gave him tpieces of advice. Write them using expressions like "You should .......', You shouldn't ..........' 'You ought to ........', 'Why don't you .......?' etc.

21. Q.T.

Inspite of the health policies initiated by the government, there is no considerable decrease in the use of tobacco. As a part of an awareness campaign organised by the N.S.S. unit of your shool, Prepare two slogans.

highlighting the harmful effects of tobacco.



22. Q.T.

Following are some of the headlines that appeared in the newspapers


Road a Death Trap

Mass Protest Against Damaged Roads

Clogged Drainages not cleared

Realising the urgency of this burning issue, prepare a letter, in about 120 words, to the editor of 'The Hindu' on the poor condition of our public roads, You can include details like the present condition of roads, its causes and suggestions for improvement.

(8 Scores)

23. Q.T.

Having been dismissed from the job and being fed up with the disturbance of visitors, the long nosed one and his mother left their village secretly and were not found thereafter. The police published a missing notice in the newspaper. Prepare this notice in not more than 50 words, including the physical features of the two, contact phone numbers and the reward for the informers.

24. Q.T.

The editorial 'Best Buys for Health' reads : 'Kidney Help Trust Hospital

in Sriperumbudur Taluk of Tamil Nadu implemented an effective low cost device for the early diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes'. Imagine, you are in charge of organising the installation ceremony. Prepare a notice for the function.

(Hints : The time, date and venue of the function, chief quests, etc.)

25. Q.T.

As per the editorial 'Best Buys for Health' about 40 million people live with HIV worldwide. HIV infected patients experience the pain of negligence and isolation. There are also reports of discrimination imposed on HIV infected children. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this alarming social issue, draft an editorial on 'The Concern for AIDS Patients' in about 120 words.

26. Q.T.

Kalpana Chawla's husband J.P. Harrison encouraged her to follow her dreams. Are all husbands like him? In your opinion, what kind of support should be extended by husbands to their wives? Present your views in three sentences using expressions like 'I think ..........', In my opinion ...........', In my view' etc.

27. Q.T.

At the end of the story 'An Irish Rose', A.J. Cronin found a beautiful white wild rose on the tomb of Rose Donegan. On seeing this, thoughts of Rose flashed through his mind prepare 3 sentences expressing his thoughts about Rose Donegan.


28. Q.T.

On seeing Danny Donegan's irresponsible ways of living, Father Walsh decided to talk to him. After a persistent talk, he made him agree not to drink any alcohol and behave responsibly in future. Draft four exchanges of their conversation.

29. Q.T.

Imagine you are Rose. Prepare a letter of gratitude thanking A.J. Cronin for his fraternal support and benign compassion.

(Hints : Cronin's devoted service – his inspiration and interest in Rose –

prosperity of her family – her note of gratitude for every thing)

30. Q.T.

Rose was found missing on her journey back from Galway. A.J. Cronin gave a missing notice in 'Sunday Times' describing the physical features of Rose. Draft this missing notice in 60 words. You can include details like time and date of journey, physical features, contact phone numbers and reward for the informers.

31. Q.T.

Danny Donegan was an irresponsible father, who left all the burden of the family on Rose. What advice would you give Danny Donegan? Write two pieces of advice using the expressions like 'should' shouldn't', 'You had better', etc.

32. Q.T.

We know that Kalpana Chawla was able to fulfill her dreams, in spite of the adversities she faced. What, do you think, are the reasons for her success? Give your opinion using expressions like 'since', 'so that', 'as a result of', etc. (3 sentences)

eg:- Kalpana Chawla succeeded because of her indomitable will power

33. Q.T.

After Kalpana Chawla's first successful space flight in 1997, a congratulatory meeting was arranged in the Punjab Engineering College under the auspices of the Engineering Students Association. Prepare a press

release in 60 words for this ceremony.

(Hints : The function – venue and time – chief guests and their roles, etc.)

Writes letters using appropriate language forms.

34. Q.T.

Kalpana Chawla's firm determination to pursue Aeronautical Engineering was disapproved by the authorities of the Punjab Engineering College. At this stage, she wrote a letter to the Principal of the college stating her reasons and arguments and asking permission to let her join the college.

Prepare the letter for her.

35. Q.T.

Kalpana Chawla often said, 'If the boys can do it, then why can't I? A student who participated in a debate on 'Who is more courageous? boys or girls' presented the following points.

 Boys are physically stronger than girls.

 Boys usually undertake risky challenges.

 Girls have restrictions for selecting such courses and careers

 Most of the adventurous acts are initiated by boys. Write four arguments in favour of Kalpana’s statement.

36. Q.T.

Abdul Kalam states in his speech that an Indian Professional is very much involved and full of appreciation for a foreign country. But he is unable to adjust himself with the terms and conditions of his motherland. On the basis of your reading of Kalam's speech, write down a paragraph on these different attitudes of Indian Professionals in about 60 words.


37. Q.T.

Read the following poem.

Now, prepare a write up in 80 words comparing it with 'The Patriot' especially the last two stanzas.

[Hints : theme – message feelings etc.]

38. Q.T.

Alcoholism is a menace that is increasing insecurity and violence in

family atmosphere. Develop three slogans against alcoholism to be put up on the notice board of the literary club in your school.

Eg : We condemn alcoholism.

39. Q.T.

The following table contains some of the good qualities and concepts

upheld by Kalpana Chawla.

Strong will power, firm determination, Positive attitude, unfailing confidence

Which of these qualities of Kalpana Chawla attract you? Write down your responses using four different expressions given below.

I admire ...........

I respect ...........

I am deeply impressed by ...........

I can't but appreciate .............

40. Q.T.

On the eve of coronation of the new king in the play 'The King who

Limped', the prime minister convenes a press conference. Prepare a press release to be distributed at the conference.

(Hints : the arrangements for the function, time, venue, chief guests etc.)

Prepares TV reports on various issues / situations provided.

41. Q.T.

The country celebrates the arrival of the patriot in the poem 'The Patriot'. Imagine that you are the reporter of a leading news channel. You are asked to cover the programme live. Prepare a live TV report of the programme in about 100 words.

You may begin like this.

"Oh! What a sunny day it is! The sun is showing his bright rays on the crowd. All are in a festive mood ..... waiting eagerly for their hero.

42. Q.T.

On the eve of execution, a news reporter interviewed the patriot. Write three questions that the reporter would ask him and the possible responses.

43. Q.T.

Read the following stanza taken from the poem 'The patriot'

I go in the rain, and, more than needs, A rope cuts both my wrists behind,

And I think, by the feel, my forehead bleeds, For they fling, whoever has a mind,

Stones at me for my years misdeeds

Write the brief appreciation of the above lines. In your appreciation compare the life of the patriot with that of Jesus Christ.

44. Q.T.

Imagine yourself to be the eminent actor and director Charlie Chaplin.

You are in search of a kid for the film 'The Kid'. Prepare a news paper advertisement.

(Hints : Physical appearance, interest for acting

Is there any reward ?

Is there any reward ?

I'm beginning to doubt it. I'm broken and bored,

Is there any reward ?

Reassure me Good Lord, And inform me about it

Is there any reward ?

I'm beginning to doubt it.

44. Q.T.

Imagine yourself to be the eminent actor and director Charlie Chaplin.

You are in search of a kid for the film 'The Kid'. Prepare a news paper advertisement.

(Hints : Physical appearance, interest for acting)

45. Q.T.

The following box contains a few traits of a person. Smart, skeptic, Quick-witted,

Self satisfied, Interesting

Choose any three traits from the box which are applicable to Ivan

Dmitrich in 'The Lottery Ticket'. Write three sentences about Ivan, making use

of expressions like 'because', 'so that', etc.

46. Q.T.

Write an editorial on 'Capital Punishment' based on the poem 'The Patriot'.

(Hints : All men have right to live-injustice against man and God)

47. Q.T.

Vera told Mr. Sappleton why Mr. Nuttel had a horror for dogs. Narrate an alternative incident, other than the event narrated by Vera in about 120


Reads notices and Identifies the features of their language and style. Develops / designs notices

48. Q.T.

The tourism department of Kerala has decided to open an Ayurvedic centre near Kovalam. As a part of its publicity, prepare a notice to attract the native and foreign tourists to this health centre.

(Hints : The specialities of the centre, The merits of ayurvedic medicine etc.)

49. Q.T.

On the first day at school, Richard Wright became laughing stock of the class. He became very sad and desperate. At night he thought of writing a letter to one of his close friends about the incidents that took place in the class. Draft a letter for him.

50. Q.T.

"She placed her hand tenderly upon my shoulder". Richard Wright's teacher encouraged him to write his name and address on the black board. Write four sentences expressing your views on the teacher.

Use the following expressions.

I think .............

In any view .............. I feel ...................

It seems to me ...............

51. Q.T.

In his speech Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Says that our media is only obsessed with bad news, failures and disasters. Do you agree to this? Write

a paragraph in about 70 words in the light of the above observation.

52. Q.T.

"In the school teach him It is far honourable to fail than to cheat ................. Never to put a price tag

On his heart and soul .................

- Abraham Lincoln

"Study well, get a very lucrative job by any means, get married and have one or two children"

- Thoughts of present day parents

From the above lines we see the views of Abraham Lincon and that of parents. Whose views do you think are correct? Write a paragraph justifying your answer in about seventy words.



53. Q.T.

In Let's respond to India's call' Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam blames the Indian media for giving much importance to the news of death, sickness, terrorism and crime. Do you agree with Dr. Kalam? Give four pieces of advice to the media persons to have a positive out look in reporting news.

54. Q.T.

Dr. Abdul Kalam's third vision is, INDIA MUST STAND UP TO THE

WORLD: How can we fulfill his vision? Prepare a speech in about 100 words expressing your views on how India must stand up to the world.

(Hints : economic development, strengthen military power, educational advancement, growth in production)

55. Q.T.

On the one side we take steps to improve our health tradition and practices. But on the other side, we have exploitation and unhealthy practices in return for money. Express your views on this. Use the following expressions.

In my opinion ................

I don't think .............. Personally I think .............. It is quite true ..................

56. Q.T.

In "Let's Respond to India's Call" Dr. A.P.J. Abdulkalam quotes Mr. Tinaikar's words. "Rich people's dogs are walked on the streets to leave their affluent droppings all over the place and then the same people turn around to criticize and blame the uthorities for inefficiency and dirty pavements". Even

in Kerala there are people who commit such mistakes. The Government of Kerala has launched a programme to make Kerala a clean place to live in. Give your uggestions for the success of the programme. Answer in a paragraph of 60 words.

57. Q.T.

When Kalpana decided to join Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh, she had to face strong resistance from her father, who wanted Kalpana to become a doctor or a teacher. Is it not a general trend among parents in our country to decide what their children should become, even neither considering their abilities and interests.

58. Q.T.

When the Carrolls expressed their willingness to adopt Michael, the

decision was left to Rose. Though she loved him very much she gave consent to them to adopt Michael Comment on the character of Rose in a paragraph of about 70 words.

59. Q.T.

On the first day at new school Richard Wright failed to write his name and address on the black board. He became frantic and half paralysed before the class. The teacher and friends advised him to forget about the incident and to be bold. On the following day he came prepared and wrote his name and address on the black board without any difficulty. Write three sentences

to congratulate Richard.

60. Q.T.

"He acted thrice in films. What vast audiences were attracted by the techni – colour feature film : The Human submarine."

A reception is being organized by the fans of the Long Nosed One. At the reception he shares his experience in acting with the audience. Prepare a speech for him in about 80 words.

61. Q.T.

In spite of many hardships and adversities Richard Wright succeeded in his life. He became a world famous writer.

Imagine that Richard Wright is still alive. As a reporter of Sunday India you are interviewing him. Prepare four questions for the interview and write the possible responses.

(Hints : racial discrimination – poverty – hard struggles – success etc.) Score : 8


62. Q.T.

Imagine that you are a graduate in Commerce. You happened to see the following advertisement in the newspaper inviting application for the post of Accountants.


ANSIGO GROUP is an ISO certified financial service group with H.Q. at Bangalore. The company is on the look out for Accountants in its branches. Excellent Compensation Package. Apply before 15th November, 2008.


Prepare a letter of application for the post. Attach a resume along with the letter.

63. Q.T.

The learning of the lesson 'The Lottery Ticket' led your class to a heated debate on the topic "Lottery should be banned". Those who argued against the topic presented the following points.

 Lottery provides job for unemployed youth

 It increases the income of the Government

 If fortune favours, a poor family can become rich

 After all, we pay only a little amount to buy a ticket.


If you are to speak for the topic, how will you contradict to these arguments? List your points.



"Middle Age" by Kamala Das deals mainly with two themes. a) Maternal love

b) Filial ingratitude


(i) Selecting one as the theme, write a short story in not more than two pages.


(ii) Using one as the topic write a short essay in about 150 words.

65. Q.T.

Imagine that you are studying in a boarding school. The learning of the poem 'Middle Age' reminds you of the quarrel you made with your mother at home during the last visit. It also arouses your feeling of sympathy for your mother. Immediately you feel like expressing your emotions to her. Write a letter consoling her, regretting your mistake.

66. Q.T.

Inspired by the poem "Middle Age' by Kamala Das, you are conducting

a Panel discussion on the topic "The Increasing Psychological Problems in


Assuming the role of first panelist you have to initiate the discussion. Prepare your introductory speech in about 80 words.

(Hints : Adolescence – period of transition – immature in thoughts and deeds – my experience – influence of media etc.)

67. Q.T.

Abraham Lincoln in his poem "A Nice Citizen' asks his son's teacher to

develop noble qualities in his son. Being the secretary of the Arts Club of your school you are asked to deliver a speech at Teacher's Day Celebration. Prepare the speech in not more than 75 words.

(Hints : Teachers – makers of future citizens – have many roles –

guardians – models – guides – friends – must have social commitment etc.)

68. Q.T.

Can you identify the person, with whose life, the following facts are


 A novelist and short story writer

 grew up in poverty and slavery

 moved to New York City in 1937

 became popular with the book 'Uncle Tom's Children' (1938)

 Protested white treatment of blacks

 died on November 28, 1960

It is Rechard Wright, whom you are familiar with. Now, prepare a brief profile of the person in about 150 words.

69. Q.T.

Imagine that the famous film maker Adoor Gapalakrishnan is brought

to your school by Asianet T.V. Channel, as a part of its '101 Questions' Programme. You get a chance to participate in it. Prepare four questions based on the art of film making.

70. Q.T.

'Middle Age' by Kamala Das is a confessional poem, as it is intensely personal in treatment and at the same time universal in theme.

Imagine that Kamala Das comes to your school to inaugurate the Literary Club. As the Secretary of the Club, you get a Chance to interview her. Prepare four questions with special reference to 'Middle Age'.

The New King dismissed the Prime Minister the Chancellor and the

Second Lady from the cabin and promoted the courtier to be the Prime

Minister. The king did this inorder to make his court corruption free.

You want to contribute an article in your school magazine on

'Corruption and Sycophancy in the Society'. Your article should not exceed

100 words.

72. Q.T.

Deepening Twilight

Three figures are walking across the lawn towards the window. Framton looks in the direction . Horror appears in his eyes. The figures carry guns under their arms. One of them has a white coat hung over his shoulders. A tired brown spaniel keeps close at his heels. Seeing this Framton Nuttel runs away.

The above paragraph is a scene meant to be shot for a film. This scene can be divided into 5 shots. Visualize this scene and prepare a screenplay focusing on visuals.

73. Q.T.

Vera played a practical joke on Framton Nuttel. Imagine that you too played same tricks on your friends. Write down the trick that you played on your friends in a paragraph of 80 words.

74. Q.T.

'Anantharam' is a film about a young boy who is an introvert and extrovert at the same time. It is about growing up, struggling with lie and relationships. Now think about your personal relationship with your parents, friends and teachers. Write about it in 80 words.

75. Q.T.

What do you think about the domination of super stars in the film field? Would it lead to the production of good cinema. Express your views in a paragraph of 80 words.

76. Q.T.

"We used lenses to enhance his bulging eyes" says Adoor in his interview. Do you think make up plays a key role in the perfection of acting. Write down your views on it in about 70 words.

(Hints : Young hero acting the role of an old man, - make up- actor acting the role of a female etc.)

77. Q.T.

Imagine Charlie Chaplin is with you at a function. You make use of the opportunity by asking five questions based on his 'Making of the kid'. Prepare the five questions and its possible responses.

78. Q.T.

"The video screen is helping children develop anew kind of literacy Visual Literacy that they will need to thrive in a technological world".

This is an extract from 'On Viewing the Television'. But viewing T.V. programmes have negative influence too. Prepare a write up in about 60 words stating the negative impact of T.V. programme on children.

79. Q.T.

"I hate violence. Can't stand it. I'm too soft even to watch bloodshed on the screen" says Adoor in his interview. Now write an article on 'The treatment of Violence and abuse of language in Malayalam Film'. The article should not exceed 120 words.

80. Q.T.

You are the secretary of Odessa Film Society. Under its auspices Adoor Film Festival is being organized in your locality. The following films are screened.

Swayam varam







Draft a programme Notice of the Film Festival. Give introductory remarks on Adoor, details of the films, date, venue and time of the show etc.

81. Q.T.

Your class conducted a debate on 'Commercialization of Religion'.

Those who argued against the topic presented the following points.

 Religion a guiding spirit to man

 Religion advocates noble qualities like charity, compassion etc.

 Religious institutions are places of solace and comfort.

 Religious institutions are engaged in selfless services

If you are to argue for the topic what would be your arguments?